I hope you found your way from my previous blog address without any difficulty.  I have been thinking about moving for a few months, but hadn’t wanted to change addresses because if I had begun to build  a few followers I didn’t want them to get frustrated or confused with a sudden change.  In the end I decided to make this change because it is what I wanted to do and I felt like I needed to have a fresh start with a new blogging direction. As the end of yet another quarter came to an end I realized how horribly I had been balancing all parts of my life.


I realized how unhappy I had become with writing my blog, so much so that I didn’t want to write anything. After pondering this fact and mourning the loss of this writing outlet I realized why I no longer wanted to write. I had placed myself into a genre of blogs but was not focusing on everything that makes me a healthy person.  From the time my finals finished till the time I decided to start this new blog was the wheel of health that I learned about while taking one of my many classes for a Certificate in Drug and Alcohol counseling I never pursued.

Like  many times before I began to forget about  a portion of my wheel.  The portion I most commonly forget is the spirituality and the relationships. I generally get so busy with other portions of my life I no longer make time to read scripture or to spend time with friends that does not include work or school. Also by writing only on working out and what I cook and eat I was bored.

So to help with this boredom I decided to clean the slate, though I decide what I do and don’t write on my blog I felt like I was locked into writing about my food life since that is what I had originally started writing at New GF Life. It was going to be all about my journey through Gluten free eating, but I am more than just a gluten-free eater as I shared with a child we all wear many labels.  I label myself as a woman, a supervisor, a cook, a student, an aspiring healthy eater, an aspiring workout guru (ok not guru but I don’t want to be a gym rat), a woman of God, and many more labels than I have time or energy to name. So  this is where a new blog address comes in.  Balancing Life and Love is where I am going to share all of my labels and be able to write more than weekly about what is going on in my life and where I can share my healthy living journey.  So I welcome you to a new adventure for 2011 to  Balancing Life and Love. 

Love and Sugarplums

Penny Lane