So this is what the last few days have looked like in the desert. Rain, it has rained so much the streets are flooding and the typically dry dusty underpasses have water moving through them so swiftly men were out measuring the water today when we went out.

I have really been enjoying the rain and overcast sky, it makes me feel like I am at home in Seattle. But there are a few things that I had forgotten about overcast days. First it is hard to tell what time it is, yester day I left at 10 am and was thinking it was closer to 4. As someone who has horrible internal timing I really dislike not being able to see where the sun is to track my day.  Second I have not wanted to do anything.  I have bundled myself up at home with my homemade chai from (never home)maker.


I have also been taking advantage of a new membership that has allowed me to learn that there are many many bad


I am hoping that tomorrow there will be a little sun so the puppies and I can enjoy a little hiking, but until then I am going to enjoy some Chai Tea and a little

Until later have a wonderful day,

Penny Lane