Happy 2011! I don’t really know how I feel about this being a new year, on one hand I am disappointed there is now only one 0 in the date I had become accustomed to writing the year like this 2o1o, now it will look like this 2o11. This is not as pleasing to my eye, but I guess I will get over it.

Most of all I am just surprised that we are to July already. It seems like I just went back to work and now we are headed for the end of another school year. As thankful as I am for the end of the end of the school year it fills me with trepidation to know that I will have 2 months off without a paycheck. But really that is still 5 or so months away so I am trying to put that to the back of my mind and focus on today.

I have terribly big plans for today, the first day of January 2o11.

1. Grocery Shopping (even though Traders Joes is closed :()

2. Underwear shopping. *done*

3. Goal Board (I am very excited about this, crafts and writing my goals down Huge Win!)

4. Clean (yeah for starting the new year off right)

5. Day 6 of the Chalean extreme program. I am working towards getting the Turbo Fire, but right now I am loving using “heavy weights” (heaviest I go is 10lbs and that is a stretch right now).

That is my plan for today, maybe interspersed with some Wii play and some Netflix. Gotta love being able to watch all those cancelled programs I never got around to watching.

Well those are my plans, I hope your plans are everything you want it to be!

Happy New Year and Sparkly Cider
Penny Lane