This is me, This is me, This is me and my energy! I am a 29-year-old woman currently trying to figure out my path in life and through everything learning that I need to find some balance. This is what the title means “Balancing Life and Love”  means that I want to learn how to balance the life I am currently living with the things that I truly love and would rather be spending all of my time doing.  What are these things you may ask well…

First is God. Some how God and my spiritual well-being is one of the first pieces of my wheel of health that I let go. Sometimes I get caught up in societal beliefs that body image, education, or career are the things that make me the happiest. I follow this only to find myself in a dismal state wondering why I have gained weight or become more unhappy than I had been a few months prior.  So a portion of this blog will be dedicated to what I am studying scriptural. I hope you will take the time to read over these posts as well, even if you don’t believe in God. I believe that a higher power no matter what you see it as helps to make your hardest struggle seem more manageable.

Second Diet and Exercise: I love exercise! Though I don’t stay with it nearly as much as I should I enjoy the sense of completion when completing a workout program or a singles day of workouts. Part of exercise to me is also getting outside and hiking, running or just playing so as the weather changes I will have more posts about the outdoors and whatever adventure I find myself in.   I also enjoy studying diets and foods.

Third Education: I am not quite sure how I will share my educational endeavours with you, though with an upcoming speech class I may share the video of me stumbling all over myself in hopes of a good grade.

Fourth Creativity: I like to sew, paint, decorate and sometimes destroy things.  As the mood strikes me I will share with you where my artistic whim takes me. 

These are just a portion of what makes up this crazy blogger you have ventured upon and I am ecstatic to be starting this new blog where I hope to share my sometimes chaotic brain. Some of the posts will include my two crazy puppies who are my children. I use to try to deny that I wasn’t a crazy pet parent who called myself mommy to my dogs, but I am (only in the privacy of my own home). They are my constant adventuring partners and are always ready for a hike no matter the day.