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Starting on March 21, 2011 I will be starting a new workout program. Turbo Fire which is distributed by Team Beachbody.  I have been watching this infomercial for a year wishing and hoping that I could do this workout. Well On Monday I recieved it in the mail as part of my Team Beachbody Coach Package. Have you seen this video? would like to get friends and family together so we can embark on this journey together, Turbo Fire and Chalean Extreme Hybrid. Really the best of both worlds, High Intensity Interval Training alternating with weight lifting.  Please let me know if you would like to do this with me or if you know anyone, I would like some workout buddies to share our success together.

Well I am headed to work, hope everyone has a wonderful Wednesday!

Jumping and Sweaty

Penny Lane


Happy Fat Tuesday

I have been trying to change more habits to become a healthier Penny. I recently wrote about changing my eating habits, again. Now after 5 weeks of removing meat and ensuring I have enough protein I have changed my workout time. Now I am only on day two of this adventured and statistics say I have 19 more days before I can consider this a habit.  With that being said I want this to be a habit to stick. Yesterday when I got home I was happy because I knew that I could relax before doing homework rather than the typical rush, to work out, rush to get dinner going and rush to start homework. It made the evenings feel 101 X’s less relaxing and make me long that much more for quiet mornings where I could quietly enjoy my coffee and bible readings.  In this it started a horrible cycle of staying up a bit longer to finish what I need and getting that extra time I felt I was entitled then trying to wake up early so I could get more quiet time in. This however did not work out well for me because I was burning the candle and both ends and my work and sanity was paying for it.

So Starting on Monday I made the decision that had been tweeted almost daily for weeks at me.  Work out in the morning, have your workout work for you. You know what I found, I love it! Yesterday I had to work at the BNP Paribas Tennis Tournament and didn’t get home until 8pm. The first thought I was  “12 hours is a long shift” (normal work day plus extra money work), on the heels of that I was practically jumping up and down that I had completed my workout. This meant I  could go home and complain about how tired I was.  Ok the complaining didn’t happen, I walked in and the first words outta Grandmas mouth was “You are tired.”

My plan is to continue this for the next 21 days and hope that it will stick, no more excuses about how I am too tired after work or becoming a lower priority than college classes. Well just a little notice to you, I will share more about my new workouts when I start them on Monday the 21st.  That is the day after my last day working in the retail tent at the tennis tourney. 

Have a wonderful evening and a blessed Wednesday.

Penny Lane

Ok so it is the end of the day and I have been sitting here thinking about posts and if I had anything. We didn’t have a terribly eventful day, pretty much everything I had planned fell through and I remained at home all day.  Does that sound like I am complaining? I don’t mean to because I actually thoroughly enjoyed my whole day.

I woke up  and took the pups to the dog park and had the whole place to myself until about 8:15 then Poe’s Girlfriend showed up and they romped and played until they could barely walk to the cars.

When I returned home Grandma was watching a Christmas movie so I joined her with that and started cooking my brunch (I didn’t eat until 11am, oops) I then decided to try out the Wii fit and wasted an hour of time “working out”. The dogs were a little scared and chose to find comfort in each others paws.  They had another cute pose but as soon as I got my phone out they moved. Dang them the cute poses are always lost to curiosity. After I had played with the Wii for a bit we watched  How to Cook  Life


There is also a book of the same title and it is classified as self help, but I found it very interesting. The chef Edward Espe Brown was so calm and shared some very great tidbits for life. One of my favorite sayings was a good meal is prepared by a joyful cook. He also talked about how we force so many things to happen in our lives and often force people into seeing out way when if we were to take care and time we could get the same result. I would really recommend this it was an interesting watch.

Well I hope you all have had a wonderful holiday, but I am off to finish Robin Hood Men in Tights and find a book to read.

Merry Christmas, Candy Canes, Hot Cocoa and Peppermint Bark

Penny Lane


I hope you found your way from my previous blog address without any difficulty.  I have been thinking about moving for a few months, but hadn’t wanted to change addresses because if I had begun to build  a few followers I didn’t want them to get frustrated or confused with a sudden change.  In the end I decided to make this change because it is what I wanted to do and I felt like I needed to have a fresh start with a new blogging direction. As the end of yet another quarter came to an end I realized how horribly I had been balancing all parts of my life.


I realized how unhappy I had become with writing my blog, so much so that I didn’t want to write anything. After pondering this fact and mourning the loss of this writing outlet I realized why I no longer wanted to write. I had placed myself into a genre of blogs but was not focusing on everything that makes me a healthy person.  From the time my finals finished till the time I decided to start this new blog was the wheel of health that I learned about while taking one of my many classes for a Certificate in Drug and Alcohol counseling I never pursued.

Like  many times before I began to forget about  a portion of my wheel.  The portion I most commonly forget is the spirituality and the relationships. I generally get so busy with other portions of my life I no longer make time to read scripture or to spend time with friends that does not include work or school. Also by writing only on working out and what I cook and eat I was bored.

So to help with this boredom I decided to clean the slate, though I decide what I do and don’t write on my blog I felt like I was locked into writing about my food life since that is what I had originally started writing at New GF Life. It was going to be all about my journey through Gluten free eating, but I am more than just a gluten-free eater as I shared with a child we all wear many labels.  I label myself as a woman, a supervisor, a cook, a student, an aspiring healthy eater, an aspiring workout guru (ok not guru but I don’t want to be a gym rat), a woman of God, and many more labels than I have time or energy to name. So  this is where a new blog address comes in.  Balancing Life and Love is where I am going to share all of my labels and be able to write more than weekly about what is going on in my life and where I can share my healthy living journey.  So I welcome you to a new adventure for 2011 to  Balancing Life and Love. 

Love and Sugarplums

Penny Lane

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