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Hello! I am so happy for the end of this week and look forward to the adventures the weekend could bring. It was the first week back to work after the holidays (I work with a school district so I get all the fun holidays off). It is always so hard to return to work after having time off, I so enjoy being able to do what I want when I want, but alas I also need that schedule to keep me productive. It seems the more I squeeze into my schedule the better able I am to complete it. On the other hand this filled schedule may be the undoing of my brain. In the last two days I have determined this may be the very reason that I have become so  and find myself doing stupid stuff. For example yesterday I was preparing eggs with only two left I cracked one over the sink and watched it slide down the garbage disposale before I even realized what  I had just done.  This evening as I was preparing dinner for the blog post I picked up my camera and prepared to shake it in preparation to take my first picture. My day has been filled with spacey actions like this.  Anyways let’s get onto the reason I wanted to post. I made CPK’s BBQ Chicken Pizza! Oh my goodness this is one of my favorite pizza’s just barely taking 1st place from Amy’s Cheeseless Roasted Veggie Pizza.  When I was still able to eat wheat I would splurge every few weeks and purchase a single serve frozen pie.

When grocery stores first started selling these I was beside myself with joy, at the time we didn’t have a CPK close to our home.  Since I have given delicious gluten filled products up almost 2 years ago this pizza is something that has not touched my lips. 😥  I had avoided making the curst as well because I didn’t think that I could recreate the deliciousness that the Creators at CPK has perfected. I have been craving pizza all week and on top of that I have been craving a BBQ Pizza so this evening I dug out  a new GF pizza crust mix and set about making something delicious.

Last weekend on our Grocery Trip we picked up this new King Arthur pizza crust because I am always searching for a better crust. The definition of better in this case means something more like gluten filled crust.  This crust was a disappointment it tore easily and I had a horrible time moving it from the counter to the pizza stone.

When I patted this out on the counter it looked perfect. Then I had to move it to the warmed pizza stone and it turned into this  hilled and vallied crust.  I ignored this and place the Mozzarella medallions on the warm crust.

I then chopped the pre cooked BBQ  marinated chicken thighs on top of the cheese

I then topped the chicken with smoked gouda slicked onions and drizzled BBQ sauce on top to add a little more zing.  

I recommend this BBQ sauce it is quite good and it is gluten-free! I love random finds in Fresh and Easy.

MMmmm it looked so good!

So good infact that this little guy was begging for a taste! I don’t think dogs can eat pizza, well that’s the story I am sticking to. Well sadly the crust was awful, it had no flavor and really detracted from the topping.  I have scrapped the topping off (it tastes so good!) and will be using if for a sandwich tomorrow.

Hope everyone’s cooking adventure was better than mine.

Wishing you stretchy dough and zingy sauce,

Penny Lane



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