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Happy Fat Tuesday

I have been trying to change more habits to become a healthier Penny. I recently wrote about changing my eating habits, again. Now after 5 weeks of removing meat and ensuring I have enough protein I have changed my workout time. Now I am only on day two of this adventured and statistics say I have 19 more days before I can consider this a habit.  With that being said I want this to be a habit to stick. Yesterday when I got home I was happy because I knew that I could relax before doing homework rather than the typical rush, to work out, rush to get dinner going and rush to start homework. It made the evenings feel 101 X’s less relaxing and make me long that much more for quiet mornings where I could quietly enjoy my coffee and bible readings.  In this it started a horrible cycle of staying up a bit longer to finish what I need and getting that extra time I felt I was entitled then trying to wake up early so I could get more quiet time in. This however did not work out well for me because I was burning the candle and both ends and my work and sanity was paying for it.

So Starting on Monday I made the decision that had been tweeted almost daily for weeks at me.  Work out in the morning, have your workout work for you. You know what I found, I love it! Yesterday I had to work at the BNP Paribas Tennis Tournament and didn’t get home until 8pm. The first thought I was  “12 hours is a long shift” (normal work day plus extra money work), on the heels of that I was practically jumping up and down that I had completed my workout. This meant I  could go home and complain about how tired I was.  Ok the complaining didn’t happen, I walked in and the first words outta Grandmas mouth was “You are tired.”

My plan is to continue this for the next 21 days and hope that it will stick, no more excuses about how I am too tired after work or becoming a lower priority than college classes. Well just a little notice to you, I will share more about my new workouts when I start them on Monday the 21st.  That is the day after my last day working in the retail tent at the tennis tourney. 

Have a wonderful evening and a blessed Wednesday.

Penny Lane


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