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I miss Sugar! Ok I admitted it, but I have to put in a side note, It has only been today that I have missed sugar, because I am horribly hormonal. Since the Daniel Fast I have not wanted sugar, I have wanted chocolate and tried to eat some cheap milk chocolate and received swollen raw lips that couldn’t be soothed by any amount of water or  Chap Stick. It is cool how when your body is allergic to something it can respond and tell you immediately when it hasn’t had it for a while. Ok honestly it is uncomfortable while I am in the middle of the flare up, but I at least was able to pinpoint the  cause of the swollen lips.

Today though I have been craving a piece of cake or a cupcake with butter cream frosting.

I might just settle for the frosting, looking at this just makes my lips hurt.  So I don’t have an answer for my current sugar craving, although  I am trying many things, including Agave Necter, Sucunant, Honey, Stevia.  I have been trying to eat more fruit for dessert when I am having a sweets craving.

  In the afternoon I have been having a Shakeology to try to curb my cravings.  I made a Raspberry Chocolate shake for Grandma and it tasted like a Raspberry Chocolate bar and had quite a bit of sweet. This excites me to know I can add some Shakeology to curb the sweet(row) teeth, BUT what about cake type things?  What is a girl to do?   I don’t know the answer to this but would be willing to try just about anything if you have a suggestion.  Please share anything you have, Please, Please, Please (is that enough begging?)

I will share my experiments, there might be some funny in there.

Your friend who is trying to replace tahini for sugar,

Penny Lane


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